Continuous metering
Continuous measurement of the tundish heating temperature
Purpose: The Continuous Measurement System allows for continuous measurement of the tundish heating temperature, improving the stability and reliability of measuring the temperature of the liquid metal. Thanks to the fixed measurement position, the system eliminates human error. The system for continuous measurement of the temperature of molten steel in a tundish is a temperature measurement method that was investigated and invented on the basis of the black body theory. The principle of the temperature measuring system is to immerse the temperature probe in molten steel to determine the temperature. The Blackbody Temperature Probe is specially designed to receive an infrared signal corresponding to the temperature of the molten steel.
Application area: Intermediate bucket
Measurement range:
Tundish heating - from 800оС to 1400оС
Molten steel - 1400 ° C to 1600 ° C
Measurement accuracy:
Tundish preheating 7оС
Molten steel 3oC
Response time: Hot Response Time 75 sec; Cold response time 4 min
Durability of measuring probes: 12 hours, 24 hours, 48 hours
Number of thermal shocks: up to 5 times
Measuring probe length: 964mm, 1100mm
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